Our Careteam

Alla Derkach
Assistant Hospital Administrator
Alla has always had a knack for customer service, and believes that helping animals is just as important as helping people. Being the friendly and welcoming face for Animal Care Clinic is the perfect way for her to utilize her compassionate nature while bettering the lives of pets!

A native of Ukraine, Alla worked in the human healthcare field before entering the veterinary industry. She joined the Animal Care Clinic family in May of 2015 and couldn’t be happier. Alla particularly enjoys interacting with clients and their pets, fixing scheduling problems, and staying on her toes in the fast-paced front desk environment.

In her time away from the clinic, Alla likes traveling and cooking. Her large family—she has six younger siblings—provides the perfect opportunity for her to hone her cooking skills. Once, Alla hosted her family’s large annual holiday party and managed to make a meal for 45 people!
Veterinary Assistant
Ever since her earliest days, Debbie has enjoyed taking care of others. Working in a veterinary clinic allows her to help both people and pets live happier, healthier lives. It’s the perfect fit for Debbie! She’s a proud member of Animal Care Clinic’s Veterinary Assistant team.

A native of Versailles, Kentucky, Debbie worked for the state government for several years until retiring to take care of her aging parents. She had always told others that after she retired, she wanted to work in a veterinary clinic—having been a client of Dr. Schroyer’s for many years, Debbie jumped at the chance to be a part of the hospital family! She was thrilled to become a Veterinary Assistant here at the clinic in the fall of 2017.

Aside from her interests in the world of animal care, Debbie enjoys cheering on the University of Kentucky Wildcats football and basketball teams, gardening, relaxing in the great outdoors, and taking her dogs for long walks. She lives with three canine companions: Chase, an aging beagle who was named for his habit of escaping the house and chasing rabbits in the yard; a feisty mixed-breed named Elli Sue; and an energetic Brittany Spaniel who goes by Bowdie.
Veterinary Technician
Lori grew up with her parents and sister in Inez, Kentucky, where she shared her life with everything from dogs, cats, and birds to ducks, cows, horses, and chickens. For Lori, caring for animals is just what comes naturally. Ever since she can remember, she’s known that the veterinary field was the right path for her!

Lori attended the University of Kentucky to earn her Bachelor’s degree in animal science. After spending some time working in sales, she decided to get back to what she is truly passionate about: animal care. Lori came across an opening here at Animal Care Clinic in early 2018, and joined the hospital family in January. Now, she’s studying to take the Veterinary Technician’s National Exam and will soon serve the area’s pets and animal parents as a Veterinary Technician!

One of Lori’s favorite parts of her job is getting to learn something new on an almost daily basis. She also loves to interact directly with the area’s pet owners and their adorable companions, and she likes to educate whenever she can.

Away from work, Lori enjoys reading, painting, and spending time with her own dogs at home. She shares her life with Autumn, a sassy Dachshund; a chubby Basset Hound who goes by Lulu; and a spunky Chihuahua mix named Bingo.
A Lexington native, Teresa was a client here at the hospital long before she became an employee. When the opportunity arose for her to join the very team that had given her own animal companions health and happiness over the years, she jumped at the chance! Teresa is proud to now serve the area’s pets and animal parents as one of Animal Care Clinic’s front-desk receptionists.

Teresa spent 31 years in the banking industry before retiring in 2015. It wasn’t long before she decided to put her skills back to use and rejoin the workforce. One day while picking up dog food here at the hospital, Teresa heard that the clinic was looking for a receptionist. The rest is history! She’s been a member of the hospital family since September of 2016.

At home, Teresa and her husband, Charlie, live with two dogs: Tyla is the diva of the household, while Tigger refuses to go to bed until everyone else is properly tucked in. When she isn’t caring for pets here at the clinic or tending to her own dogs at home, Teresa likes spending time with her nieces and nephews, crocheting, and researching her family genealogy.
Michelle has loved animals all her life—when the opportunity arose for her to put her 35 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping to good use in a veterinary setting, she knew that she had found the perfect path! Michelle is proud to serve as a member of the Animal Care Clinic team.

As the Bookkeeper of Animal Care Clinic, Michelle is responsible for keeping all financial records in order. She loves to help answer pet owners’ questions, and she also likes jumping in to lend a helping hand in the exam rooms whenever possible. Michelle finds that nothing beats helping to deliver litters of puppies!

In her spare time, Michelle likes traveling, spending time with her friends, and enjoying the company of her own pets at home. She and her daughter live with Bitty, a loving Pit Bull, as well as a Dogo Argentino named Harley who rules the house.
Amanda Johnson
Grooming Salon Manager, Pet Stylist
Amanda has felt an indescribable connection to animals ever since her earliest memories, especially those who were abandoned or in need. As soon as she was old enough to hold down a job, she started working with pets! Amanda knew that she wanted to turn her passion for animal care into a lifelong career. When she found out that she could couple her love for pets with her creative side as a Pet Stylist, she knew that she had found her calling.

Amanda is originally from Paris, Kentucky, and was only 16 when she took an after-school job at her local animal shelter. Her experience there only confirmed what she already suspected: that she wanted to continue working to better the lives of all the animal she possibly could. Amanda has been a veterinary professional ever since! She graduated from the PetSmart Grooming Academy in early 2017, and joined the Animal Care Clinic team in the summer of 2019. Now, she’s proud to serve as a Pet Stylist and the Grooming Salon Manager.

Here at the clinic, Amanda loves to take a matted puppy and help them to look and feel better again. Her favorite part of her work is getting to watch as a freshly groomed pet is returned to their owner strutting their stuff!

At home in Richmond, Amanda and her boyfriend, Josh, share their lives with several pets. They have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix named Maximus Prime; Kudee the Tibetan Spaniel; a young Coonhound mix named Eevie Escobar; and two cats named Groot and Rue.
Kayla Haddix
Pet Stylist
After Kayla adopted her dog, Bear, a number of years ago, she found he couldn’t get groomed at salons because of his aggression and behavior issues. She set about becoming a groomer herself while training Bear at the same time. That experience made a permanent impression—Bear now has no problems getting groomed and Kayla is a professional groomer herself! She couldn’t be happier to bring her talents here to the Animal Care Clinic.

A Kentucky native, Kayla attended the University of Louisville for two years before transferring to Eastern Kentucky University, graduating with her degree in aquatic biology. It wasn’t long before she’d embarked on her career as a pet groomer—Kayla has experience in both corporate and private grooming salons, but she’d always wanted to make an impact at a vet’s office. When the opportunity arose for her to join the Animal Care Clinic family in the fall of 2020, she jumped at the chance.

As a groomer, Kayla loves getting to meet a wide variety of different pet personalities on a daily basis. Every day is a new and exciting surprise for her. Hanging out with adorable pets all day is a nice bonus, too!

Much of Kayla’s free time away from work is spent continuing her education at grooming expos and grooming competitions. She also likes to go for hikes in the woods with her husband and their dogs. The couple shares their lives with three pets: the aforementioned Bear, an Australian Shepherd mix; a Golden Retriever mix named Brownies who will chase a Frisbee until the end of time; and a Himalayan cat named Kitty who finds her way to Kayla’s lap every time she sits down.

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