Kitchen Safety for Birds

The kitchen isn’t the safest place for pet birds—their lungs are extra sensitive, and many fumes and other hazards can be very dangerous if your bird is too close. Follow these tips from your Lexington veterinarian to keep your bird safe while you’re cooking.

Don’t Allow Your Bird in the Kitchen

The simplest and safest way to avoid any kitchen hazards is to keep your bird out of the kitchen entirely. It’s recommended that you set up your bird’s cage in some other room, like the family room or den. This way, you won’t have to worry about kitchen hazards at all. If you must keep your bird in or near the kitchen, though, consider moving his cage away when you start cooking. Ask your Lexington veterinarian more about cage placement in your home.

Open a Window and Use a Fan

If possible, open a nearby window to allow some ventilation when you’re cooking. A fan can do wonders to send fumes out the window instead of near your bird’s cage. Just make sure the open window doesn’t let a cold draft in that might hit your bird.

Beware of Heating Cookware

Teflon and other non-stick surfaces release fumes and particles when highly heated—never let your bird anywhere near the kitchen if you’re using these products. A bird’s lungs can be damaged quite quickly if exposed to cooking fumes. Consult your Lexington veterinarian for more information on this and ways to avoid cooking fume hazards in your home.

Keep Your Bird Away from Toxic Substances

Unfortunately for your bird, the kitchen is home to many toxic substances that can bode harm for your pet. Cleaning supplies, pesticides, medications—all dangerous if your bird is exposed. Hot surfaces like the stove, oven, toasters, or coffee pots present a burn risk. Toxic foods and plants are another danger: chocolate, onions, garlic, avocados, coffee grounds, and tomato and potato stems all are toxic, just to name a few. Call your Lexington veterinarian immediately if you think your bird has come into contact with one of these substances, and ask about a complete listing of bird hazards in your kitchen.


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