Five Cat Paw-Care Tips

Cats need their paws for a lot of things—walking, climbing, scratching, feeling, grooming, and more. So, as a cat owner, it’s important to keep their paws healthy. Learn how below from a Fayette County vet.

Daily Wipe

Keeping your cat’s paws clean is the number-one way to keep her feet healthy. Every day, especially if your cat has come indoors from being out, wipe her paws down gently with a soft cloth. This will remove dirt, debris, chemicals, or foreign objects, and keep dirt from getting on your carpet or furniture. Be sure to get in between the toes.

Daily Check

Do a quick check of your cat’s paws and paw pads every day. Look for any scratches, wounds, or sores. If you find any foreign object stuck between the toes, remove it gently if possible. If you’re having trouble, don’t force it—instead, call your veterinary professional to have him or her take a look.

Scratching Posts

Cats don’t just scratch for fun—scratching sheds the outer layer of the claws, and satisfies the natural desire to use the nails. Set up scratching posts in your home to allow your kitty an outlet. It will also save your furniture, shoes, or purse from getting torn up!

Paw Pad Safety

Avoid hot asphalt in the summer and cold concrete or metal surfaces in the winter, as both can irritate your cat’s paw pads. You may even consider applying a moisturizer ointment to your cat’s paw pads if they’re especially dry and cracked. Call your Fayette County veterinarian to ask about these options.

Nail Trim

While scratching removes some of the outer layer of the claw, cats will also need regular nail trims from you to avoid extra-long claws, which can fracture or break painfully. Use sharp cat nail scissors to cut the tip of each nail. Be sure to avoid the quick, a vein that supplies blood to each nail. You can usually see this pink area through the translucent nail, and it will bleed if you accidentally clip it. Use styptic powder or a styptic pen to staunch the blood flow if you do accidentally cut it—the bleeding should stop within a few moments.

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