Preventing Table Begging by Your Dog

Does your dog grovel at the foot of the table, begging pathetically for a tiny morsel of the night’s dinner? If you’d like to curb this behavior, use these tips from a Lexington veterinary professional.

Put Dog Elsewhere

It may be easiest and simplest to put your dog elsewhere to restrict her access to the table. Put her in her crate, put her in another room, or even tether her to something with her leash to keep her from begging. Keep her occupied with a chew toy or other fun item.

Give Dog Her Own Meal

Perhaps your dog is begging at the table because she’s hungry. It may solve the problem if you feed your dog her dinner at the same time your family is eating. That way, she’ll feel like she’s included in the festivities while satisfying her hunger at the same time.

Ignore the Dog

This is easier said than done, but ignoring your dog’s behavior will eventually teach her that begging doesn’t result in a reward. Have every member of your family up to snuff on the protocol for this—if even one person slips your pooch a table scrap, your dog will be taught that begging reaps rewards.

Train Her to Go to a Spot

You can train your dog to go to a certain spot, like her bed or a certain corner, on command. This can be useful to prevent table begging, and is also helpful in a variety of other situations. Consult your veterinarian on how to go about training your dog, and be patient as it might take some time. If you’re successful, though, you’ll have a dog that dutifully goes to her spot and lays down on command.

Don’t Punish

What you shouldn’t do is punish your dog for begging at the table. For one, it could frighten your dog and make her scared of you, which leads to a host of other problems. What’s more, some dogs will take punishment simply as a form of attention, teaching them that their begging has gotten them noticed. Use the above tips instead of punishment, and ask your Lexington veterinarian for more help.

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