Five DIY Cat Toys

Your kitty may be quite spoiled, but if you are trying to save a few pennies, or if you are a crafty type, you may find that Fluffy is just as enthralled by a homemade toy as a store-bought one. You may have already discovered that your little furball likes boxes or paper bags, or perhaps loves chasing after balls of crumpled up paper, but there are several other options for DIY cat toys. Here are a few you can make out of items you might already have in your Lexington home.

Cardboard Box Cat House

Looking for a fun project to do with the kids? You can make Kitty her very own cat house out of cardboard boxes. Kitty’s new home can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, but why not add windows, doors, and a pointed roof, and perhaps even make it two stories? The possibilities are endless.

Sock Toys

If your dryer is like most dryers in Kentucky, it may have a penchant for eating socks. Even if the dryer isn’t to blame, it’s almost inevitable that sooner or later you will find a sock without a mate. Fill it with catnip, and then sew it closed. Voila!

Paper Bag Tunnels

You can cut the ends off paper grocery store bags, and then tape them together to make Kitty a tunnel. A word to the wise: some cats love tunnels, while others will completely ignore them. If yours is of the latter variety, at least you won’t have spent much money or time on this one.

Yarn Toys

There is almost no end to the creations you can make with yarn, bits of old tee shirts, plastic bottle caps, catnip, and glue. You can look online for ideas, or just wing it. Anything with dangling strings is likely to make a good cat toy.


This one is a bit more involved than a simple toy, but if you’re handy with power tools, why not build Fluffy her own little catio? Chicken wire or screening and some wooden planks will serve for basic materials, and you can buy or create a cat tower or kitty ledges for the inside. The design ideas here are endless.

Cats are a bit quirky with their playing habits. You may even find your cat enjoys batting at the lid of an empty milk gallon. Whether you choose to go the DIY route, or use store-bought toys, make sure she has enough playthings to keep her entertained and that they are safe for Kitty.

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