Misunderstood Bunnies

Has your bunny left a path of destruction in your Fayette County home? If so, you’re in good company. Many rabbit owners are surprised to find how unruly their adorable little pets can be. A simple online search on cute bunnies behaving badly will confirm that these cute, adorable little furballs seem to think they are on top of the food chain. Bad behavior in bunnies, however, is generally an instinctive reaction that we don’t agree with. While there some mean bunnies out there, many are just misunderstood.


Rabbit teeth never stop growing, so chewing helps keep them filed down. Therefore, if you catch your bun chewing on bath mats, wires, clothing, shower curtains, furniture, or anything else your rabbit is not likely to actually want to eat, chances are, your rabbit is just instinctively taking care of some dental work. Your rabbit should never be punished for chewing something, no matter how precious or expensive, because she’s really just following some very strong instincts. You won’t be able to get your rabbit to stop chewing. What you can do is offer your bunny some options and let her chew things you won’t miss. Toilet paper rolls, cardboard, newspapers, pinecones, towels, and apple wood sticks are great inexpensive choices, but you can also get chew toys made just for rabbits.


Rabbits can actually be pretty pushy. If your bunny bites, but doesn’t seem aggravated, she is probably trying to boss you around. Bunnies may nip you if they don’t like where you’re standing, or when they want attention or food. Keep your bunny on a set schedule, so it knows when to expect meals. If your bunny bites you, don’t reward it by giving it what it wants. If your bunny bites when you pick it up or reach into her cage, however, she may be territorial, frightened, or sick.

Litter Box Mishaps

Bunnies can be trained to use litter boxes. If yours isn’t utilizing the facilities, make sure you have provided your bun with a proper bathroom. A large cat litter box and some litter with a bit of hay on it should be sufficient. Make sure to clean the litter at least daily, as otherwise your bun may be tempted to go somewhere cleaner.

Chances are, even if your Fayette County bunny misbehaves on occasion, it won’t take long for her to melt your heart again. Bunnies are almost unbearably cute, especially when they’re eating or playing. Like many pets, they also manage to look extra cute when they’ve done something bad!

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