Your Playful Cat

Is your home filled with cat toys? If you’ve got a kitty, we’re guessing your furball has a little assortment of toys all her own. Play is beneficial to kitties for many reasons. It gives your feline buddy a bit of exercise, keeps her from being bored, and it’s pretty fun! Kitty’s playtime may be good for you too. It’s hard not to smile or laugh a little when watching a cat attack a stuffed animal or chase that elusive red dot, and we all know laughter is good for the soul. Here are a few basics on feline play behavior from a veterinarian. Fayetteville cat lovers, read on!

Hunting Behavior

Many of Kitty’s playful antics are actually predatory behaviors. You’ve probably observed some of these tactics already. Does your furball sometimes hide behind armchairs or around corners, waiting for someone to walk by? All that pouncing, chasing, scratching and biting Fluffy does is exactly what she did when she lived in the wild and had to catch her own dinner.


Fluffy needs her playtime just as much as she needs her beauty rest. You can’t tell your furball not to play, but if she’s keeping you up at night batting little balls down the hallway, it may be in your best interests to be proactive. Playing with your cat a few times a day, even for just ten minutes, will help her burn off some of that excess energy.


Getting your furball some appropriate toys may prevent her from repurposing items you have in your home. While pet stores, grocery stores, and drugstores offer cat toys, you can also make your own using items you have around the house, such as old socks or tee shirts, boxes, or even paper bags.

Play Manners

It may be hard to resist, but don’t tempt a kitten to play with your hands and feet. Once you encourage this type of behavior, Kitty will think it’s ok, and will be upset and confused when you later decide that letting her bite and scratch you is nowhere near as much fun for you as it is for her. The safer course of action is to use toys that she can chase after, such as dangling feather toys or wand toys.

Play Aggression

Sometimes Kitty may bite or scratch you, and leave you wondering if she is playing or attacking. If she’s pouncing, attacking your feet, or suddenly jumps for your hand, she’s probably playing. If she’s attacking, her ears will be flat, and she’ll lash that cute furry tail.

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