Spotlight on Your Dog’s Dental Appointment

Your terrier mix Rascal is an attention hound. Rascal is always ready for a belly rub or ear scratching session, and he delights in licking your face each morning. Unfortunately, Rascal’s horrible breath almost makes you sick. You suspect that Rascal might have some food debris lurking around his choppers, and you know this buildup can lead to serious dental disease. Rascal obviously needs a good teeth cleaning, so you’ve made an appointment with your veterinarian from Lexington. Read more about your dog’s dental cleaning appointment.

Appointment Logistics

You can easily fit Rascal’s dental cleaning into your busy schedule. You’ll take Rascal to the clinic in the morning, and he’ll receive his thorough dental cleaning sometime during the day. You’ll retrieve Rascal and his shiny choppers during the late afternoon or early evening.

Pre-Cleaning Dental Exam

Before cleaning Rascal’s teeth, your vet will get a picture of your dog’s overall health. If Rascal’s past dental records are available, the vet will also review that information. If Rascal’s teeth only have a plaque and tartar accumulation, plus some gingivitis or bone loss around one or more teeth, he’ll get a normal dental cleaning. If the vet sees unexpected problems, he’ll call you before addressing them. Before beginning the cleaning, the vet might also request pre-procedure blood work to confirm that Rascal is healthy enough for the necessary anesthesia.

Scrubbing and Polishing Process

Rascal’s dental cleaning is a multi-part operation. Your vet will anesthetize Rascal for your dog’s comfort and the vet’s safety. While Rascal snoozes away, a veterinary technician will monitor his vital signs while the vet performs his work.

First, the vet will examine your dog’s gum tissues and obtain x-rays if necessary. Next, the vet will carefully eliminate nasty plaque and tartar with dental scalers. The vet will polish Rascal’s much-cleaner teeth, smoothing out the tooth surfaces and discouraging more debris accumulation. Once Rascal’s procedure is finished, he’ll relax in comfort until you pick him up.

Rascal’s discharge instructions will likely include a home dental care regimen. Your Lexington vet will probably recommend that you brush Rascal’s teeth regularly. He might also suggest a dental rinse and/or dental chews that can contribute to Rascal’s good dental health. After all, the vet wants Rascal to keep those gleaming white choppers for years to come.

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