Stress Reduction Strategies for Your Cat

Your newly adopted cat Roxy deserves a comfortable, carefree life with your family. You’ve already purchased Roxy’s super-soft bed, numerous cat toys, and even a custom-made rhinestone collar. You’ve also scheduled Roxy’s new patient exam with your veterinarian from Fayette County. While the vet gives Roxy a complete physical exam, you’ll ask for suggestions on keeping your cat stress free in your busy household. Learn more about stress reduction tips that can help your cat remain calm.

Feline Fresh Water Supply

While giving Roxy a quality diet is important, she also requires plenty of clean, fresh water every day. Insufficient water can contribute to medical problems, and can also raise Roxy’s stress level. Help Roxy to get more water by making moist canned food a part of her diet. Roxy might also like drinking from a flowing water supply, such as a fountain or dripping faucet.

Elevated Cat Perch

Roxy loves her carpeted cat tree, as this elevated perch allows her to survey the household from a higher vantage point. If Roxy has taken up birdwatching, place her cat tree (or other perch) near the window so she can enjoy the outdoor sights in comfort.

Super Scratching Spots

While you might not realize it, a scratching post (or other scratching surface) gives Roxy an appropriate spot to exercise her claws and mark her territory. If possible, provide Roxy with horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces.

If you don’t give Roxy an acceptable scratching place, she can experience undue anxiety and stress. To alleviate that stress, Roxy might create her own scratching surface – your furniture, carpeting, or curtains. Also, if you have multiple cats, give each feline family member their very own scratching surface.

Playtime and Personal Time

Plenty of physical and mental exercise will keep Roxy fit and reduce her stress level. At least twice daily, spend 20-30 minutes playing with little Roxy. Break out Roxy’s cat toys, or invite her to chase a laser toy around the room. Also, a nice cardboard box gives Roxy a great place to hide when she needs a break.

Also, while cats are painted as independent creatures with a haughty view of the world, Roxy will love some daily cuddling and belly rub time. As an added bonus, regularly stroking Roxy’s body and observing her behavior helps you to detect subtle changes that might indicate a medical problem.

Remember that Roxy can become upset by changes in her environment or daily routine. Minimize those disruptions to keep little Roxy living a low-stress life. Finally, remember that your Fayette County vet can provide expert assistance if Roxy encounters any difficulties.

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