Caring for a Special Needs Pet

Over the past few decades, as we’ve entered the computer age, we’ve witnessed some absolutely amazing advances in technology. One area which has changed significantly is our ability to help animals who are facing life with a significant disadvantage. These special needs animals are often not a first-choice pet for most people, but many have found that the rewards of caring for these special furbabies far outweighs the risks. In this article, your Lexington vet offers some tips about caring for a pet with special needs.

Know What is Needed

Many animals with handicaps may seem at a glance to need endless care, but that isn’t always the case. Our furry friends never cease to amaze us with their resilience. Many pets with seemingly-debilitating health issues are able to live remarkably normal lives. The exact nature of the handicap will of course have a huge effect on how much time, money, and effort will be needed for that animal’s care. That said, caring for a pet with special needs is often on a par with caring for a toddler. If you are considering adopting a furball with special needs, get a clear picture of what is needed.

Set a Routine

Keeping a tight schedule for your special pet’s feeding, exercise, and medication will help maintain order, and keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Your beloved pet will also benefit from the stability a set schedule offers.

Get the Right Equipment

It may sound overwhelming to try and care for a dog who suffers paralysis in his rear limbs, but the rapid advances of technology have made it much easier. Doggy wheelchairs are becoming more and more widely available. Many pups get along just fine on wheels instead of paws, and some even move faster than their four-legged buddies! Other animals may benefit from special harnesses or other gear made specifically for handicapped pets. Drag bags, for instance, are little pouches that look like sleeping bags and help protect animals with back-end paralysis from rug burn.

Feel Good

There are few things which feel more rewarding than helping an animal in need. You’ll see the love and gratitude in your pet’s eyes every day, and live a more enriched life, knowing that you’ve truly done something good.

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