Guinea Pig Care Tips

Are you considering adding a Guinea pig to your household? These tiny furballs, also known as cavies, are very cute and fun little pets. A local Lexington, KY vet lists some great Guinea pig care tips below.

Get More Than One

Guinea pigs are very sociable, and often get quite lonely by themselves. In fact, in Switzerland, it’s illegal to only own one! We recommend getting two or even three. Of course, keep only same sex pairs together, as otherwise they’ll breed.

Offer Lots of Chew Toys

Like many other small animals, cavies have open-rooted teeth. If your pets can’t chew enough, they could develop some very painful dental issues. Keeping your furry buddies’ toy box stocked doesn’t need to cost much, however, You can make lots of great chew toys out of ordinary household items, like plain paper, wood, and cardboard items, like the rolls from toilet paper tubes.

Provide Vitamin C

Your pint-sized pets will need a good diet. Your cavies’ main meals should consist of commercial Guinea pig food, supplemented with grass hay and fresh produce. Be sure to do plenty of research, as not all fruits and veggies are safe for these guys. It’s also important to make sure that your cute pets are getting enough Vitamin C. Cavies can develop scurvy if they don’t have enough of it in their diets. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Home Sweet Home

Your Guinea pigs will spend a lot of time in their cage, so it’s important to make sure it’s clean, roomy, safe, and comfortable. For two cavies, we recommend giving them at least ten square feet. If you have more, they’ll need a bigger space. Choose something with a solid bottom. Wire floors can cause injuries. Plus, they won’t hold substrate. You’ll need to add some accessories, such as dishes, a water bottle, and hidey-holes. You can also include a litterbox and hay rack if you like.


One great thing about Guinea pigs is the fact that they are much more personable and charismatic than many other ‘pocket pets.’ Some even like to sleep in their owners’ laps! Pay lots of attention to your little buddies, and spend time with them every day.

As your Lexington, KY vet clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your pets happy and healthy. Call us with any questions about caring for Guinea pigs.

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