Protecting Your Pup From Holiday Stress

Season’s Greetings! This can be a busy—and stressful—time of year, for both people and pets. Fido may not be worried about choosing gifts or hanging lights, but he may be upset by major changes, such as travel, schedule adjustments, visitors, and even decorations. Stress and anxiety are just as harmful for our canine companions as they are for us, so you’ll want to take some steps to help your pooch cope. A Lexington, KY vet offers some tips on this below.

Take Time To Play

Playing will help Fido work off his angst. This can go a long way towards calming him down. If there’s too much snow and ice to play outdoors, just pick an indoor area with enough room.

Provide Safe Haven

Many dogs are scared of commotion and fireworks. If Fido is extremely nervous, he may be more comfortable in his crate or a quiet bedroom on busy nights, such as New Year’s Eve. Offer him toys, treats, and comfy bedding, and turn a radio on for background noise.

Avoid Disruptions

Our canine buddies are very much creatures of habit, and they are really happiest when kept on steady schedules. Try to avoid disrupting Fido’s daily doggy routine too much. If he’s scared of that inflatable reindeer in the yard, take him out the other door.


You don’t have to present visitors with a huge legal document. However, we do recommend asking them not to feed or discipline Fido without checking. If your furry friend has any medical issues or special quirks, let them know about that as well.
If you have little kids coming over, you’ll need to be extra vigilant. A toddler may not have yet sorted out that Fido’s tail isn’t a toy, or that he doesn’t want to share his stuffed animals. This can be quite dangerous, as even the most lovable pup can snap if they feel threatened. Err on the side of caution here.

Calming Products

Some dogs are simply more anxious than others. If your canine pal is extremely nervous, consider using pet-calming products. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Last but not least, pay some extra attention to Fido. Toys, treats, belly rubs, and playtime will all reassure your four-legged friend, and help him feel loved and safe.

Happy Holidays from Animal Care Clinic, your Lexington, KY pet hospital. Contact us anytime!


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