6 Ways To Celebrate Appreciate A Dragon Day With Your Beardie

Appreciate A Dragon Day is tomorrow, January 16th! While this reptile-centric holiday probably won’t get a lot of media attention, there are plenty of dragon fans out there who will be taking note, and perhaps showing their pets some extra attention. Read on as a Lexington, KY vet lists some possible ways to celebrate Appreciate A Dragon Day with your pet.

Vivarium Update

Do you have a pet dragon? If your tiny dinosaur could use a little more room, upsize his home. You can also get your reptilian buddy a new hide. Another option is to replace or upgrade your pet’s heating and lighting equipment. Even changing the bulbs is important!


Most of our patients enjoy treats, and dragons are no exception. Just be sure to stick with safe options. Insects are good snacks for beardies. Some other good choices include mealworms, kingworms, Dubia roaches, and crickets.

Go For A Walk

Did you know that bearded dragons can be trained to walk on leashes? Many of them seem to enjoy going for strolls! Just take time to train your pet first. Also, stick to safe places. Avoid areas with potential hazards, such as traffic, dogs or cats, or chemicals, such as pesticides.

Spread Awareness

Bearded dragons are becoming quite popular pets, as more and more people notice their unique charms. Unfortunately, that also means it’s becoming more and more common to find them up for adoption or in shelters. Help spread awareness about these pretty lizards! Even sharing posts about adoptable beardies can help.

Photo Shoot

Dragons are actually very beautiful, and they have a unique look. Snap some pictures of your cute pet! Try using the macro setting on your phone or camera. You may also want to experiment with blurring the background a bit, so the focus is on your reptilian friend.

Movie Time

Pick a fun dragon-themed book or movie for the night’s reading and entertainment. Eragon, Pete’s Dragon, Dragonheart, and How To Train Your Dragon are all good options for kids. (Game of Thrones may be the obvious choice for many adults, but it’s definitely not family-friendly.) You may also want to incorporate a dragon element into your dinner. Dragonfruit, dragon rolls, and dragon chicken are all good options!

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