Birdproofing Tips

Have you recently adopted a bird? Congratulations! One of the first things you’ll need to do is make your home safe for your feathered pal. Your new friend will need plenty of time out of her cage, so she can get the exercise and stimulation she needs to stay healthy. Many household items are dangerous to Polly, so you’ll need to do some birdproofing. A Lexington, KY vet offers some advice on this below.


That ceiling fan may very well be the most dangerous thing in your home for your colorful pet! Always turn fans off before letting your pet out.

Windows And Mirrors

These are also very dangerous to birds. Polly may not recognize them as barriers, and could try to fly through them. Some birds also think that their reflection is another bird, and may try to pick a fight. This can result in serious injuries. Use bird-safe window treatments, and cover mirrors before letting your cute pet out.


The kitchen is another hazardous spot for your winged buddy. Teflon cookware is one concern: it gives off fumes that are harmless to us, but toxic to birds. It’s also found in things like microwaves, toasters, and even curling irons. Pots of hot food or liquid are also hazards to birds, as are filled sinks. Burners are dangerous as well. Keep Polly out of the kitchen!


Heavy metal toxicity is a huge concern for our feathered friends. Polly tends to naturally be attracted to shiny things, such as jewelry, coins, and keys. Unfortunately, many of these things contain items such as zinc, copper, or lead. Keep these out of claws’ reach!


Polly’s lungs are very fragile: she can get very sick from breathing things that are safe, and even pleasant, to us. Scented candles, oil diffusers, cigarette smoke, perfume, incense, and even hair spray are all unsafe. Make sure the air in Polly’s room (or rooms) is clean and pure.

Small/Sharp Objects

Whenever Polly is out of her cage, she’s going to be very interested in investigating whatever is out and accessible. Anything small and/or sharp can be dangerous. That includes things like safety pins, beads, buttons, small toys, batteries, hair ties, rubber bands, and paperclips, to name just a few things.

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