Summer Dog Grooming Tips

Summer can be a hard time for our canine friends. After all, Fido does have a fur coat on, and can easily overheat. While good grooming is important all year round, it’s particularly crucial in summer, as it’s so important to keeping your pet cool and comfy. A Lexington, KY vet lists some summer dog grooming tips below.

Take It Outside

Do you have a fenced yard? Give Fido his baths outside in a kiddie pool. You’ll have less mess to deal with, and you may get some cute pics out of the process.

Consider A Trim

Some dogs are much more comfortable with shorter hair in summer. However, this isn’t a universal suggestion. If Fido has a double coat, trimming it could actually damage his fur. Some pups also get sunburns when their fur is cut really short. If you aren’t sure what’s best for Fido, check with your vet.

Don’t Overbathe

Many pups get bathed more often in summer. This makes sense, as you can just immediately take Fido for a walk to dry him off. However, you don’t want to give your canine companion too many baths. That could dry his skin and fur out! Use pet wipes and brushings to keep your furry friend looking good between beauty sessions.


Does Fido enjoy going to pools or lakes? Rinse him off after he gets out of the water, to get sand and chlorine out of his coat.

Don’t Skip Pawdicures

Fido’s ‘toe beans’ are quite delicate. Your pooch can get burns and blisters from walking and running on rock, gravel, concrete, and/or sand. Heat blisters can form very quickly in hot weather! Use paw balm or wax to protect those fragile paw pads.

Claw Trims

Long claws can make it hard for dogs to get good traction. This makes walking uncomfortable for Fido, and can strain his bones and joints. Keep your pup’s nails clipped!

Eyes And Ears

Dogs often get dust and pollen in their eyes and ears in summer. Gently clean your furry friend’s cute ears, using a clean cotton pad and mineral oil or a pet ear-cleaning product. If your canine pal gets tearstains, you’ll also need to clean these, as they can collect gunk and dirt. Ask your vet for more information.

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