Keeping Bunnies Cool

Do you have a bunny? This can be a dangerous time of year for these adorable balls of fur! Bunnies can’t sweat to cool off, so they can get into serious trouble if they get too hot. A local Lexington, KY vet offers some advice on keeping Floppy cool in this article.


Making sure your little buddy always has fresh water is important no matter what the thermometer reads, but it’s especially crucial in hot weather. You may want to set out additional water bottles. One thing you can do on sweltering days is keep an extra in the freezer at all times. Your bunny will always have cold water as it melts. When the ice is melted and the water is room temperature, swap it out for the frozen one.


If there’s one thing that all of our patients have in common, it’s a love of treats. Floppy has a bit of a sweet tooth, and may enjoy nibbling on some cold fruit. Berries, melons, and cucumbers can be good summer snacks! Your furry pal may also enjoy nibbling on a frozen grape or blueberry. Just don’t go crazy with sugary foods.


Another thing that is important is making sure that your pet’s cage is in a cool spot. If it’s in a sunny area, you may want to move it until the weather cools down again. Floppy really should be in a room that has climate control. Fans can help with air circulation as well. Don’t point one directly into your little buddy’s cage, though.

Cool Beds

On really hot days, Floppy will enjoy having something cool to lay on. Try freezing a towel for her. You can also put a freezer pack or frozen veggies under a towel or cloth. Just make sure she can’t chew through it. Another thing you can do is get a ceramic tile and keep that in the freezer for your rabbit to lay on or against.

Don’t Get Floppy Wet

Some pets enjoy being misted, and others even like swimming. These things are huge ‘don’ts’ for bunnies, though. Rabbits are instinctively terrified of water, and can go into shock from being submerged. Plus, if their skin gets wet, they are at risk of flystrike. You definitely do not want that!

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