Work Like A Cat

August 5th is Work Like A Dog Day! Fido really does go above and beyond to perform for us, and has worked in many different fields. Fluffy’s resume may be much shorter, but she also works for a living. Well, sort of. A Lexington, KY vet offers some advice on how to work like a cat in this article.

Get Good Sleep

Fluffy’s first rule? Get plenty of rest. Kitties can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Most of us don’t need quite that much shut-eye, but you should get at least 7 hours every night.

Go All In …

If you ever watch Fluffy hard at play, or observe her when she’s stalking a mouse, bird, or chipmunk, you’ll notice that she is completely focused. Her whiskers may point forward, and her whole body will be tense. Concentration is important!

… For Short Bursts

Those bursts of hyper-focus are great, and are often when the best and most of the work happens. Of course, you can’t go full steam ahead indefinitely. Nor can Fluffy! Cats often tap out after a few minutes of intense concentration. Unfortunately for us, that probably won’t fly in most workplaces. However, it is important not to overdo it.

Take Breaks

Kitties are definitely adamant about this one. You probably don’t need to stop for the 32 naps, 8 meals, and 4 meditation sessions your furball wants, but make sure to stop and relax regularly.

Learn Your Field

Have you ever found Fluffy sleeping on your laptop, book, or magazine? She may be trying to learn by osmosis. You might have also noticed your feline pal watching birds and squirrels through the window. Taking time to learn more about your industry will never backfire. As the saying says, always the student!

Enjoy Yourself

Ever try to get Fluffy to do something she didn’t want to, like take a bath? Chances are, that probably wasn’t fun for either of you. Of course, you’ll get a very different reaction by giving your furball a treat or taking time to play with her. Where are we going with this? Go for a field or position you really enjoy!

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