Resolutions For Bird Lovers

Happy New Year! The start of a new year is always a great time for revisiting priorities and setting new goals. It’s also a perfect time to look at your pet’s care regimen. Given that National Bird Day is this Thursday, it only seems fair to point the spotlight on our feathered friends. A Lexington, KY vet lists some resolutions for bird lovers in this article. 


Get A Birdy First Aid Kit 

Our winged friends are small and fragile, and are very vulnerable to injury. Hopefully this goes without saying, but if Polly is ever hurt, you should immediately seek veterinary care. However, you may need to do first-aid first, either to stabilize her for transport or, if there isn’t an emergency clinic nearby, to hold her over until your clinic opens. Ask your vet for specific advice on what to put in.


Keep Polly Entertained

It’s important for pets to have lots of toys. However, interactive play is also great for our animal companions. Have some fun with your feathered buddy! You can play checkers with Polly, though you may need to replace the usual chips with safe, vet-approved treats, such as dried berries. Polly may also be able to play using bottlecaps. Puzzles are another fun option. Your winged pal may not be very good at putting puzzles together, but she’s quite skilled at taking them apart. Of course, you will need to keep an eye on your cute pet, and make sure she isn’t trying to eat her toys. 



One aspect of pandemic life that isn’t going away any time soon? The remote meeting. Introduce Polly to some of your distant friends and family members via a live chat app! 


Dance Party

It’s no wonder that many birds love dancing: after all, birdsong is nature’s original music! If your little buddy likes to boogie down, get some cute videos of your feathered pal  bopping to her favorite songs. This is a cute way to spread some cheer around.  


Help Wild Birds

Many of Polly’s wild cousins are facing extinction. There are small things you can do to help, such as supporting organizations that protect nature and wildlife, planting native flowers and trees, and even just sharing the word on social media. Every little bit counts! 


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