Refreshing A Cat Tower

Does your feline pal have a cat tower? If so, that’s great! Fluffy’s tower is essentially a multi-purrpose piece of kitty furniture. It offers your cute pet a great vantage point, and also provides her with a napping spot and nail-care station. Of course, it’s not uncommon for cats to get bored or tired with their things, and start ignoring them. Read on as a local Lexington, KY vet lists some things you can do to refresh your pet’s tower. 

Clean It 

The first thing that you would want to try is cleaning the tower. It may have a lot of old dust and fur on it, which can make it feel itchy and uncomfortable for your kitty to lie on. A vacuum will work, but a handheld steam cleaner is even better. 

Move It 

Another thing that you can try is putting the cat tower in a new spot. Kitties sometimes get so used to things that they sort of fade into the background. Ideally, you’ll want to pick a spot with a great view. 

Reposition It

If cleaning didn’t work, try rotating the tower. This may be enough to make your furry little buddy think it’s something new, which may spark her interest again. 

Recover It 

Another thing that can help is recovering the tower. You may be able to get carpet scraps quite cheaply at a local store. You can also use sisal rope. Just make sure there are no sharp pieces sticking out, such as splinters, staples, or nails. 

Make It More Enticing

It’s also possible that your cat has just kind of forgotten about her tower, or even gotten bored with it. Make it fun for your feline friend by sprinkling catnip around it, or playing with her on or near it.

Offer A View

Does your kitty’s tower face a window? Do something to make the view a bit more enticing for your furry little voyeur. Try hanging a bird feeder or birdbath in the yard.

Tell Fluffy Not To Use It

Reverse psychology is often quite effective on our feline overlords. If all else fails, just tell your kitty not to use her tower. She may immediately hop on! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns about your cat’s health, or to make an appointment. As your Lexington, KY pet hospital, we’re here for you!

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