Celebrating Parrot Day

Do you have a pet parrot? You’ll want to make a note to remind yourself to do something special for Polly on the 31st: it’s Parrot Day! A local Lexington, KY vet lists some fun ways to celebrate these lovable, vivacious birds in this article.


Polly always appreciates a yummy snack! You can buy treats made just for Polly, such as Birdie Breads and Parrot Popcorn. Your colorful little friend may also like things like bits of granola bars, warm baby food, unsweetened apple sauce, rice cakes, and unsalted nuts. Of course, Polly may just want a cracker. Just be sure to stick with safe, suitable options. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

New Toys

Polly is very active and playful, and she needs lots and lots of entertainment and stimulation. Buy or make your feathered buddy some new toys! There are great options in stores, but there are also plenty of DIY options for things you can make yourself. Just stick with safe, suitable options.

Outdoor Fun

It’s not a good idea to let a flighted bird outdoors, unless of course you are 100% sure that they are 100% trained. However, you can roll Polly’s cage outdoors. Or, if you want to go all-out, buy or make her an aviary.

Dance Party

Does your colorful buddy like to dance? Play some fun music for Polly, and let her bop around to her little heart’s content. You may also want to make a playlist of your pet’s favorite songs. This can be a cute thing to capture on video as well.


Don’t forget about Polly’s wild cousins! Considering donating to or volunteering at a bird rescue. You can also help local birds—even if they aren’t parrots—by setting out bird baths and bird feeders, or even adding bird houses to your property.

Spa Day

Polly will need the occasional bath to keep her feathers clean. There are several different ways you can go with this. Some birds like little bird baths in a shallow bowl or sink. Others enjoy having a perch on a shower, and some just like being sprayed with a bottle.

Photo Shoot

Our avian companions are very photogenic. Snap some pictures of your feathered pal, and share them on social media.

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