And Meow, A Word About Black Cats

Do you have a black cat? We love void kitties! August 17th is actually a pretty special day for Fluffy: it’s Black Cat Appreciation Day! A Lexington, KY veterinarian goes over some fun facts about black cats below.

Are Black Cats Unlucky?

Black cats aren’t the only felines to have special days. Ginger cats, tabbies, and white cats also have their own kitty holidays. However, Fluffy may be the one who needs the PR most. This is because of old superstitions linking black cats to witches. Although there is no truth to these myths, the stigma persists, as evidenced by the number of black cat motifs on Halloween decorations.

Why Do Black Cats Need Help?

The superstitions about black cats being unlucky for humans are completely false. However, Fluffy may be a bit unlucky herself, especially when it comes to getting adopted. Black cats are disproportionately represented in shelter cat numbers, and it often takes them longer to get adopted. 

Are Black Cats Considered Bad Luck Everywhere?

Not every culture considers Fluffy a bad omen. In fact, Germans actually consider black cats to be good luck. Black kitties are also popular with British sailors, who see them as fortunate. In Scotland, black kitties are considered to bring wealth. 

Is The World’s Richest Kitty Black?

An Italian kitty named Tommaso was named the richest cat in the world in 2011. A former stray who was rescued from the streets of Rome, the lucky feline inherited $13 million. However, Tommaso has since been knocked off that top spot by other wealthy cats, including Taylor Swift’s kitty Olivia Benson, who is worth an estimated $97 million.

How Many Black Cat Breeds Are There?

The Cat Fanciers Association lists 22 cat breeds that allow solid black coat colors. However, only one kitty is always black: the Bombay, a sweet, affectionate furball that looks like a miniature panther.

What Black Cats are Famous?

There have been quite a few famous black cats, both real and fictional. There’s Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch; Snowball II from The Simpsons; Spock’s buddy Isis from Star Trek; and Binx from Hocus Pocus, to name just a few.  

Color Coordinated

Here’s a fun fact: most black cats really aren’t black. If you look closely at Fluffy while she’s snoozing in her favorite sunbeam, you’ll notice that her fur is actually dark brown.

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