Dog Boarding Tips

Are you planning a vacation soon? Summer may be winding down, but fall is also a beautiful time to travel. Your furry best buddy would no doubt be delighted to accompany you, well, anywhere, but unfortunately for Fido, that isn’t always possible. It’s a good idea to have a kennel that you can take your pet to on those occasions when you can’t bring him with you. A local Lexington, KY vet offers some tips on boarding dogs in this article.

Pick The Right Kennel

You don’t want to trust your beloved pup to just anyone. Picking a good kennel will not only help ensure that your dog stays safe and healthy, it will also take a lot of stress off you. Ask around for recommendations. Your vet may also be able to recommend a good place. When researching potential doggy hotels, read reviews. If possible, ask the kennel for a tour, so you can get a good look at the facilities yourself.

Pack Properly

You’ll need to put together a good doggy bag for your canine companion. Check with the kennel before packing Fido’s bag, and find out what you can and can’t bring with you. Some kennels prefer to use their own supplies, while others allow you to bring things from home. Include a few days’ extra of things like food, treats, and medicine, just in case you’re delayed.

Give (And Get) All Relevant Information

Make sure to read all documentation the kennel provides. You’ll want to look over things like emergency procedures, operating times, and general procedures. Some places will call with even small questions, while others only reach out in emergencies.

It’s also important for you to provide good information. Offer any relevant information about Fido both verbally and in writing. Make sure to include at least one local contact, someone they can reach in an emergency. You’ll also need to provide the numbers where you can be reached at. 

Confirm Hours For Drop-Offs

It can be difficult walking away from Fido: you know he’s going to give you that look. However, delaying or dragging things out will only make matters worse. Steel yourself, and make the dropoff short and sweet. Speaking of drop-offs, make sure you’re clear on when the kennel hours are for bringing your furry pal in and then picking him up. 

Enjoy Your Trip

Once your furry best friend has been dropped off, you know you can now relax and get on with your vacation. Fido will be waiting for you with happy dances and wagging tails when you get back!

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