Animal Enrichment

November 12th is Animal Enrichment Day. A big part of being a good pet owner is making sure that your animal companion is getting the enrichment and stimulation they need. Your pet won’t be happy with nothing to do but just sit around all day! A Lexington, KY vet offers some insight into enrichment in this article.

Why Enrichment Matters

Providing enrichment shouldn’t be considered something extra: it’s really important for your animal friend’s mental and emotional health. Animals that don’t have enough enrichment can quickly get bored, lonely, and depressed. These things can lead to both physical and behavioral problems.


Kitties are both predators and prey, so they are hardwired to be both curious and, well, pouncy. Giving Fluffy plenty of toys and making time to play with her regularly will go a long way towards keeping her content. Cats also enjoy having a comfy window seat with a good view.


One reason those daily walks are so important is because they provide stimulation. Fido gets a lot of information from scents, so even sniffing around at bushes and plants can be very interesting for him. It’s also important for dogs to have a variety of toys. Puzzle toys, treat dispensing toys, chew toys, and comfort toys all serve different purposes. Man’s Best Friend also benefits from training. Obedience training is a must, but once your pet has those basics down, you can move on to teaching Fido cute tricks.

Smaller Pets

Enrichment is also very important for little animals, such as Guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, and exotics. These guys typically live in cages, which can get boring very fast. Birds and rabbits both need plenty of time out of their cages. Smaller animals may enjoy things like mazes, wheels, and pouches. Even reptiles enjoy having things to explore and investigate.


No matter what type of animal you have, it’s important to provide a fun and comfortable environment. Even small things, like leaving a radio playing softly when you leave, can help keep pets from getting bored and restless. Keep in mind that every animal has their own tastes and care requirements. Pay attention to what your pet likes and doesn’t like. Variety is also important. Remember to change your animal friend’s things out regularly. Just be sure to stick with safe toys and activities. Ask your vet for more information.

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