Traveling by Car with a Pet Bird

If you’re taking your pet bird with you on a vacation or family outing, you’ll need to be prepared ahead of time. Don’t just put your bird’s cage in the car and head off. Follow these guidelines from your Lexington veterinarian.

Get Bird Used to the Car

Before setting out, it’s important to get your bird used to the car. Place your bird’s cage or travel structure in the car—the backseat is safest in the event of an accident. Without moving, let the cage sit in the car for a while. Then, after securing the cage as described below, try a short trip around the block, letting your bird get acclimated to the feel and sound of road travel.

Secure Cage

Put a seat belt over your bird’s cage or carrier, locking it in securely. This will help steady it in transit and prevent the cage from being projected outward dangerously in the event of an accident. Ask your veterinarian for more tips on securing the cage in your car.

Adjust for Temperatures

If it is excessively hot or cold out, adjust accordingly for your bird. A cage cover might help protect him. If you’re turning the heat or air conditioning on in the car, make sure it is not on a high setting or blowing directly at your pet.

In addition, be aware of other factors in the car, like loud music, air fresheners, or a draft from a cracked window. All of these could irritate your bird and you want to avoid them.

Bring Food, Water, Toys

Make sure you’ve brought along enough food and water for the entire trip. Food and water in dishes can splash around messily and dangerously in the car, so it’s best to leave them out for the trip or use a water bottle with a drinking spout.

Pack your bird’s favorite toys and some treats for the ride. They will help keep him entertained and provide a sense of familiarity.

Check Destination

Before leaving, make sure your destination allows pet birds—not all hotels will permit pets at all. You don’t want to arrive at your destination just to find out birdy isn’t allowed in.

Talk to your Lexington veterinarian for more advice on car travel with birds. By being prepared, your family—including pets!—can have a fun and safe trip.


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