New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

Our pets can’t exactly make resolutions for themselves, but we can help them out. Here, a Lexington veterinarian offers some fun and healthy ideas for pet New Year’s resolutions.

Try a New Activity

This year, make a pact to try a new activity with your pet. Hiking, swimming, canoeing, doga (dog yoga), or even just jogging—all can make for healthy and fun activity with your pet. Of course, the more aerobic or water-based activities are better suited for athletic dogs, but cats can participate in certain activities like leash walking. Ask your vet what sort of new activity might be well-suited to you and your pet.

Play More

This one isn’t hard. Every day, set aside time to play with your pet. Not only will it be great exercise, the playtime will strengthen your human-animal bond and stimulate your pet’s brain. Use your pet’s favorite toys and choose a safe, distraction-free spot to play in.

Lose Weight

A classic New Year’s resolution that can be applied to pets as well! Studies indicate that almost half of all domestic dogs and cats are overweight, so it’s possible your pet needs to slim down. Talk to your Lexington veterinary professional about getting your pet on a diet and exercise plan. Set a weight-loss goal and make a resolution to meet it by a certain time.

Regular Grooming

A daily or every-other-day grooming session can do wonders for your pet’s coat and overall health. Grooming removes tangles and mats and spreads essential skin oils throughout the fur, giving it a healthy, natural shine. Of course, the grooming process is great pet-owner bonding time, as well.

Teach a New Trick

Teaching your old dog a new trick isn’t just a quirky saying—it’s great mental stimulation for your pet! Ask your veterinarian how to go about teaching your dog a new trick, like rolling over, fetching an item, or twirling around.

These are only a few of the many possible New Year’s resolutions for pets. Be creative, and ask your vet for more possibilities!

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