Pot Bellied Pigs

Pigs have many qualities that help them make great pets. They are quite intelligent, and, contrary to popular belief, are actually quite clean. They don’t get fleas, but often are very friendly and capable of forming strong bonds with their human friends. Like dogs, they enjoy a good belly rub, but are much less likely to chew your shoes or chase the neighbor’s cat. A pig can make a wonderful pet, but you’ll want to do a bit a research to ensure they are a good fit for your Lexington home.

Basic Information

Pigs will typically live about 12 to 15 years, as long as they are healthy and do not become obese. To be happy, pigs need exercise, stimulation, attention, and social interaction, as well as proper habitat and nutrition. Pigs do bond to their humans, and tend to get very sad and depressed if separated from their human families, so before adopting one, make sure you can truly commit to keeping your new pet.


You probably won’t be able to teach your pig many tricks, but they can be leash trained and learn some basic things. Pigs are much more stubborn and self-serving than dogs, however. Where a dog will strive to please its owner, pigs only do what they want to do.


Pigs need access to the outdoors. They like to root around, and also need fresh air and sunshine to be happy. A home with a yard is ideal, as Piggy will enjoy an outdoor house (usually a doghouse will work) and an indoor bed. Apartments or condos are not good fits for pigs. Pigs are also subject to very specific zoning laws, so make sure to check with your homeowner’s association to verify if pigs are allowed. If they say yes, be sure to get it in writing.


This area requires quite a bit of attention for pig owners. If you overfeed your pig, he or she will become obese. Food specially formulated for pigs is best. You can supplement this with green vegetables and a bit of hay. In summertime, you’ll want to add warm water to your pig’s food to help them stay hydrated.


Pigs can be wary by nature, since in the wild they are often prey animals. Pigs that have been socialized young, however, can be extremely friendly. They won’t necessarily jump for joy when you come home, the way dogs do, but they enjoy being petted and like to cuddle.

We hope you think long and hard before choosing to bring a pig into your Lexington home. Potbellied pigs can make great pets, but they are not right for everyone.

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