Things You Can Learn from Your Cat

Have you ever noticed your Fayette County kitty looking at you with a smug look of superiority and wondered what she was thinking? Scientists have found it vexingly difficult to measure the intelligence of our feline friends, mostly because cats refuse to cooperate with testing, but we’re pretty sure our furry little friends have their own wisdom. They may also have a few things to teach us.

It’s Never a Bad Time to Relax

Cats have no problem dozing off, even in the midst of a chaotic day. While we are by no means recommending you start cat napping at your desk, we do think our feline friends may have a point. Remember to take some down time, or even just stretch out in the sun.

Stretching is Good

Cats love to stretch. Chasing that catnip toy around the room may not be strenuous, but then again, neither was walking to the water dish and back. A good stretch helps improve your blood circulation, keeps your muscles limber, and helps relieve tension.

Pay Close Attention to Your Food

Cats can be notoriously finicky, and will often turn their cute little noses up at anything that smells even the slightest bit off. They also tend to nibble, and are more prone to several small meals rather than a few big ones. Putting only quality food into your body and breaking up your meals evenly are both sound bits of advice from your kitty.

Show Your Affection

Your kitty may be a bit enigmatic and hard to figure out at times, but when she is curled up on or near you, purring, or snuggled up to you, or giving kitty kisses, there is no mistaking her affection. Take time to show your loved ones you care.

Take Time to Observe Your Surroundings

Your cat may spend hours looking out a window, or exploring the nooks and crannies of your house. Maybe in her own kitty way, she is reminding you to drink in the little bits of beauty that surround you. You might realize that Kitty’s favorite window would make a perfect reading nook.

Get Plenty of Sleep

If there is one thing cats are good at, it’s sleep. Our feline friends spend up to 70 percent of their lives asleep. While this may be going a bit overboard, it does serve as a good reminder to make sure you are getting adequate sleep.

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