Hug Your Cat Day

There’s a pretty adorable kitty holiday coming up: May 30th is International Hug Your Cat Day! We don’t really think you need much of a reason to hug your feline friend, but that’s okay. We’re happy to celebrate! A local Lexington, KY vet offers a few tips on hugging cats below.

Fluffy’s Rules

Kitties have laid down some fairly strict laws when it comes to hugging them. Rule #1: never hug a cat who isn’t in the mood for snuggles. Always let your furball decide when she wants to cuddle. That doesn’t mean you can never pick Fluffy up: just don’t corner her. That’s a good way to get scratched! Also, when your pet decides that she’s done, just let her go. Keep in mind that cats can change their minds about things very, very rapidly, and with no warning. Your feline pal may be purring and content one minute, only to nip you the next. That’s just standard kitty operation.

Proper Hugging Technique

Technique is also important. Always support your fuzzy friend’s weight properly. Her legs or rump should be supporting her weight. Never hold Fluffy by her stomach: this can cause internal injuries. Also, be very gentle when picking your pet up or putting her down. Feel free to practice!

Benefits of Hugging Fluffy

As it turns out, kitty hugs may be just a bit magical. Studies have shown that snuggling up with a purring cat relaxes us, lowers our blood pressure, and can even reduce the risk of strokes. It also helps people cope with depression, anxiety, or trauma. Plus, it’s just one of life’s small comforts. It’s always nice to settle in with a good book or movie and a rumbling furball. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most!

Alternatives To Hugs

Not all of our feline overlords are cuddle bugs. Some kitties are rather aloof, and prefer to be admired from a distance. There’s nothing wrong with that! Keep Fluffy’s motor running by spoiling her with toys, treats, and catnip instead. Talking to your cat is also a good way to make her feel loved. It doesn’t really matter so much if she knows what you are saying: she’ll still understand that you are paying attention to her.

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