Holidays With Hedgehogs

The holidays are coming up quick! You may see lots of posts and photos about how to celebrate with dogs and cats, but what about hedgehogs? A local Lexington, KY vet offers some advice on spending the holidays with hedgehogs in this article. 


If you’re planning to travel and can’t find a good hedgehog sitter, you can take Hedgie with you. Bring lots of extra bedding, as well as a smaller travel tank. You may need to bring a heat source for the trip. You can put a heated rice bag or a hot water bottle in your pet’s cage for the drive. We also recommend looking up the name and number of a good vet in the area you’re going to visit. Better safe than sorry!


Don’t forget to pick up some things for Hedgie! Toys and treats make great gifts. Hedgehogs like brightly colored things, like balls and certain cat toys. You can also give your hedgehog a new hide box, or perhaps a comfy new bed. Treats, of course, are always a great option. Offer your tiny pet something he’ll really enjoy, like waxworms.


Hedgehogs take super cute photos! Take the opportunity to snap some adorable seasonal pictures of Hedgie. Put a tiny Santa hat on him, or give the little guy a tiny sleigh or gift box to play on. Just make sure to choose safe props, and supervise your pet closely.


You can have a bit of fun and decorate your cute pet’s cage. Many seasonal decor items will make suitable hidey-holes. You can also add a soft bed or a little tent made of a holiday pattern, or add some paper snowflakes. You can even incorporate lights or other decorations, as long as they’re well out of reach of those tiny paws. Remember not to let your quilled friend play with anything small or sharp!


Keep in mind that Hedgie is nocturnal. If your friends and family are night owls, find him a spot where he can sleep peacefully. Otherwise, he may reprimand you by clicking at you! 


Don’t your little buddy get too cold! This could trigger hibernation, which is dangerous for pet hedgehogs. Your little buddy’s cage should never go below about 75F.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Animal Care Clinic, your local Lexington, KY pet clinic. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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