6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Out of the Tree

Are you putting up a tree this year? If so, your feline friend will be paying very close attention to it. You really can’t blame Fluffy for getting so excited over those beautiful holiday trees. After all, to cats, they look like a giant collection of fun toys! A Lexington, KY vet offers a few tips on curbing your furball’s ambitions in this article.

Tire Fluffy Out

If there was one surefire way to keep kitties out of trees, this would probably be it. Of course, we know better than to guarantee anything. However, it’s not a bad idea to tire your feline pal out with a fun session of Catch The Red Dot or Pounce On The Wand Toy. We all know what happens when cats get tired: naptime!

Block Access

Put the tree in a spot that is difficult for Fluffy to get to. Don’t put it near something she can use as a kitty launchpad, like a desk or chair. You can also try blocking the tree off with a puppy gate. It won’t look as nice, but it may do the trick!

Decoration Technique

Keep your furry little buddy in mind when decorating your tree. Fluffy will be most interested in the things that are easy for her to reach. Decorate the lower branches sparsely, with just a few non-breakable items. Put the majority of the ornaments, tinsel, and lights on the top third of the tree.


You can also try keeping Fluffy occupied with other toys. Pick up a few new playthings for your furry pal, and maybe give her a few empty boxes or paper bags to play in.


If Fluffy absolutely won’t leave the tree alone, you may want to take some precautions to keep it standing. A sturdy base is, of course, a must. You can also try securing the top of the tree to the wall or ceiling, with fishing line.


Cats are certainly stubborn and independent, but they are also capable of understanding what is and is not acceptable. When your frisky feline approaches the tree, stomp your foot or clap your hands. Don’t punish her: that will just scare her. The point is just to make her wary of the tree. 

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