Grooming a Guinea Pig

Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? These pint-sized pets are very adorable, and have certainly won their fair share of fans and followers. However, just like any other pet, they do need great care. That includes grooming! A local Lexington, KY vet offers some tips on grooming Guinea pigs below.

Nail Trims

You’ll need to cut your pet’s claws regularly. How often this should happen will depend on his age, diet, substrate, and lifestyle. However, most cavies need this done every month or two. You can use clippers made for cats. It’s best to have someone help out by holding your pet as you do his nails. If you have to go solo, use a towel and make your little buddy into a burrito. Hold him under one arm, so your hands are free. It’s important not to cut too far, as that could cause pain and/or bleeding. Ask your vet to demonstrate proper techniques. Remember to give your pet a treat after!


You’ll also need to brush your furry friend regularly. This should happen every week or so, though longhaired furballs may need more frequent beauty sessions. It’s best to use a pet comb that has narrow teeth, to ensure you capture as much fur as possible. Again, be sure to give your cute pet a treat after.


You shouldn’t have to bathe your cavy, but you may need to if he gets something on his fur. Longhaired Guinea pigs also need occasional baths. The water should be lukewarm, and no more than two inches deep. A mild dish soap, such as Dawn, is fine. You can also use a gentle pet soap. Use a sink sprayer to rinse. Be careful not to get suds in your little buddy’s eyes! When you’re done, wrap your furry friend gently in a towel. If he doesn’t mind, you can use a blow dryer on low to dry him off. Another treat is definitely in order!

Dental Care

Guinea pigs must chew a lot to wear their teeth down. As with other animals that have open-rooted teeth, they can be prone to dental issues. Your pint-sized pal will need to go to the vet regularly for cleanings and exams. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have questions about caring for your Guinea pig? Contact us, your local Lexington, KY veterinary clinic, anytime!

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