Choosing a Pet Bird

Are you considering adopting a pet bird? Do a little thinking and a lot of research before picking out Polly, and decide what type of bird is best for you. Our feathered friends are definitely not all alike! A local Lexington, KY veterinarian lists a few  things for you to consider before adopting a bird in this article. 


Birds can vary greatly in as far as how much noise they make. Some, such as finches and canaries, are usually pretty quiet. At the other end of the spectrum, you have louder birds, like the Macaw and Cockatoo, that can practically split eardrums.


One of the best things about birds is that they can talk! Of course, not everyone wants a pet that can imitate a car alarm or belt out Taylor Swift songs at full volume. If you do want a talking bird, you might like a parakeet, Amazon parrot, or a Quaker parrot. Just keep in mind that, unless you’re adopting a bird that already speaks, there’s no way to guarantee Polly will ever actually ask for a cracker.


While every bird is unique, some tend to be more outgoing than others. Finches, for example, are quite shy, and don’t necessarily form strong bonds with their humans. Then, there are outgoing, cuddly birds, who may snuggle up in your arms, like the cockatoo.


When you adopt Polly, you’re committing to caring for her for the rest of her life. Different types of birds have very different life expectancies. Some of our feathered friends can live to be 70! Don’t choose a bird that may outlive you, unless you’re sure you can provide for Polly after you’re gone.


Size is another thing to think about. Some of the larger birds include the Eclectus parrot, Sulphur-crested cockatoo, and the Double yellow-headed Amazon parrot. If you want a little bird, one that can perhaps hop onto your finger, you may want to consider a finch, canary, or lovebird. Your bird’s size will also determine how much space they need, so keep that in mind as well.


Another thing to consider is how much mess you are willing to deal with. This one is of course closely related to size: the more bird you have, the more cleaning you have!

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