Things To Consider When Adopting A Gecko

Today is World Gecko Day! Geckos are very cute and fun little pets. And while they may not save you any money on car insurance, they will put a smile on your face with their unique charms. Of course, adopting any animal is a big decision, and something you’ll want to think over carefully first. Here, a local Lexington, KY vet lists some things for you to think about when adopting one of these cute lizards.

Picking The Right Gecko

There are many different types of geckos. They’re all great, but some are better options for first-time reptile owners than others are. The Leopard gecko, Crested gecko, and African Fat-Tailed gecko are all quite docile, and are generally easy keepers. Look into some different types, and see which one will be the best fit for you.


Geckos are not particularly large, which is a great characteristic. However, they can live a long time. Some species live up to 20 years! That’s definitely something to think about before adopting one.

Power Use

Like other reptiles, geckos need specific environmental conditions to be healthy. This requires special equipment. Your electric bill may go up a little. You’ll also want a backup option, just in case you ever lose power in winter.

Getting A Great Herp Veterinarian

Not all veterinarians handle reptiles. Herp vets go through additional training to be able to care for reptiles and amphibians. A good lizard doctor is a must! This isn’t just so you’ll know who to call if your reptilian pal is ever sick or injured. It’s also just good to have a great source of information and advice.


For many people, gecko diets are deal-breakers. These guys mostly eat live bugs, such as mealworms, waxworms, crickets, and roaches. That means regular trips to the pet store to go grocery shopping for insects. The creepy crawlies will have to be dusted with nutritional powders before you give them to your pet lizard. Make sure that you are up for this! If you are out of town a lot, you’ll also need to find either a place to board your lizard, or a gecko-sitter who isn’t too squeamish to dole out a dinner that is still moving.

Do you have questions about gecko care? Do you need to schedule boarding? Contact us, your Lexington, KY animal clinic, today!

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