8 Reasons To Adopt A Gecko

Gecko Day is today, September 1st! Geckos are among the most popular types of pet reptiles. These pretty lizards have some wonderful qualities. They’re also suitable for first-time reptile owners. If you’re thinking about adopting a reptile, you may want to consider a gecko. A Lexington, KY vet lists some reasons to adopt a gecko in this article.

They’re Quiet

We love our canine and feline companions, but they can get a bit loud. Many birds are also not a good option for anyone who wants a quiet pet. While some types of geckos do make noise, the ones usually sold as pets are pretty quiet.

Low Maintenance

Reptiles are actually one of the easiest types of pets to care for. Your daily tasks will usually be very minimal. Adult geckos don’t even eat every day, so many days all you’ll need to do is provide fresh water and spot-clean their habitat.

They Don’t Get Big

Some reptiles, such as iguanas, start out small but will eventually grow very big. Geckos are on the smaller end of the reptile size scale. Although some types are larger than others, it’s safe to say you won’t need a whole room or addition for your new pet!

They’re Beautiful To Watch

You may be surprised at how captivating geckos can be. Many reptile owners find it very relaxing just to observe their reptilian buddies hanging around doing their thing.

Pretty Habitats

Getting the right setup will require special equipment. (Note: you will face a bit of a learning curve. Ask your vet for tips on this!) However, once it’s done, you may find that your pet’s habitat makes a beautiful decorative piece.

No Grooming

Another great thing about having a pet gecko? You won’t have to groom them! You just need to provide a shallow bowl of clean water for soaking.

They’re Gentle

Geckos are typically quite timid and docile. While some are friendlier than others, most of these guys tend to be more flight than fight, and rarely bite.

Who Doesn’t Want A Pet Dinosaur?

While geckos may not be quite as charismatic as dogs and cats, you may still find yourself quite smitten with your little buddy. These guys are really cute!

Do you have questions about gecko care? Call us, your Lexington, KY animal clinic, today! We’re dedicated to providing top notch veterinary care!

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