Deaf Dog Care Tips

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week starts. This is a wonderful cause: many imperfect dogs and cats actually make absolutely perfect pets. While animals get passed over for many reasons, pets with hearing impairment have a very difficult time finding homes. A local Lexington, KY vet offers some tips on caring for a pooch that can’t hear very well in this article.

Teach Fido Hand Signals

Most dogs can learn to respond to hand signals just as easily as vocal commands. Training Fido may take some time, of course, but it will be well worth your while.

Use A Light

You may be able to use a flashlight or a laser pointer to get your furry friend’s attention. If you have a fenced yard to let Fido out in, teach him to come in when you wave or flicker a light.

Try New Things

While some dogs are completely deaf, you may find that your canine buddy can still hear things on a very low register. Experiment with different sounds. If you happen to have a piano, try hitting some of the lower keys.

Don’t Sneak Up On Fido

One thing to be aware of with hearing-impaired pets is the fact that many of them really, really hate being startled. Try to avoid sneaking up on Fido, especially when he’s sleeping.

Never Let Him Off-Leash

We recommend keeping all dogs leashed, but this goes double for dogs that can’t hear. Fido won’t be able to hear car horns or brakes, dogs growling or barking, or anything else that should alert him to possible danger. Your pup also won’t hear any vocal commands you give him. Keep him close to you any time you take him off your property.

Let Others Know

Any time that you’re having company or bringing your furry bff somewhere with you, let your companions know that Fido can’t hear. You may even want to put something on his collar or harness.

Offer Lots Of Love

For the most part, deaf dogs are just like any other pooch. They love treats, walks, belly rubs, and playing Fetch. The most important thing your canine pal needs is plain old TLC. Tail wags, happy dances, and affectionate kisses from deaf dogs are truly precious, and will definitely warm your heart.

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